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~     N   O   A   P  S       E  V  E   N   T   S         ~

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The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society
 ~   Calendar of Events 2017  ~

A  b  o  u  t     t  h  e     E  v  e  n  t s 

SPRING 2017 ONLINE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBIT — Click here to see the Prospectus and to enter

BEST OF AMERICA EXHIBIT 2017 —Castle Gallery Fine Art — Click here to see the Prospectus 

BEST OF AMERICA EXHIBIT WORKSHOP— location to be advised - 3 days workshop  

BEST OF AMERICA OPENING WEEK PROGRAM — Location to be advised - 

FALL 2017 ONLINE INTERNATIONAL EXHIBIT —See past exhibit - Click here -The 2017 will open in August

SIGNATURE AND MASTER ARTISTS EXHIBIT —Closed January 2017 - See results

The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society Celebrates 27 Years Serving Our Members
2016 Best of Shows
Spring Online 2016
Best of America 2016
Fall Online 2016
Signature Show 2016
NOAPS wishes to share our excitement and expectations
about our 2017 events with our Members,
Exhibit Sponsors and Patrons
Showcasing Our Members Since 1991
Membership and participation in our events come from all around the world. NOAPS is the leading art society in North America offering membership to both oil and acrylic artists.
For nearly 27 years, NOAPS has been showcasing the incredible talent of both oil and acrylic artists. Our annual ‘Best of America’ truly attracts some of the best artists from all across North America. In addition to our annual exhibit we offer two On-Line International Exhibits each year: welcoming oil and acrylic artists from all around the globe. These exhibits are exposing some amazing styles and subject matter.
We communicate with members and potential members through our website: www.noaps.org and social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and our NOAPS Blog with which we promote our members and generous Exhibit Award Sponsors.
Many of our Award Sponsors have been helping us grow since our founding in 1991 and our list is growing every year which is a major contributor to our continuous and substantial success.
Our Sponsor’s Application Form is provided and can be viewed at:

Master & Signature Shows
Artist members may achieve the Signature and Master status through their participation and acceptance in our annual National exhibit: The Best of America. Artists that achieve the Signature and/or Master status are invited to participate in a unique show for the Best of the Best. Cash Awards and Merchandise certificates are also part of this prestigious event.
The Online International
Our Online International Exhibits have been a great way to show artists' work in oil and acrylic from around the world since 2013. These exhibits offer a great alternative for the artists that can not or do not wish to ship their art to a gallery for exhibition. They also appeal to the artist since there are no restrictions on the size of the painting. Inquires for potential sales are referred directly to the artist and no commission is taken. NOAPS Onlines are a great way to achieve recognition, exposure, and promotion through our website and social media. Another unique characteristic of NOAPS Online Exhibits is that a total of 150 entries are accepted and promoted giving the opportunity to a greater number of artists to be recognized. Not only the 150 images are displayed in our website but also the artists' websites are included as an additional benefit. Up to 30 awards serve as an incentive and a source for recognition. Promotion of the art does not stop at notification date but it continues in our social media and even through major art publications. All accepted art 2013 to current can be seen in our Previous Exhibitions Page.
Two Online Exhibits
There are two NOAPS Online International Exhibits: Spring and Fall. Entries for the Spring usually start by the middle of January, and entries for the Fall start in August.

Workshops and Other Activities
NOAPS sponsors and helps to promote workshops through our NOAPS Grant Program. The artist applies for the grant and NOAPS will contribute to the advertising cost. In addition to our Sponsored Workshops, NOAPS provides the opportunity to all current members to promote their local workshops or Plein Air Events in our own website

The Best of America 2017
Castle Gallery
A gallery with exciting events:
Built in 1905 in a Richardsonian Romanesque style
On the National Register of Historic Places
Featuring artists from around the world since 1995
Link to Map it:
NOAPS ”Best of America” 2017 will exhibit this year at The Castle Gallery Fine Art, Fort Wayne, IN.
See their website
Developed at the confluence of three rivers, Fort Wayne is Indiana's second-largest city. Fort Wayne and surrounding counties have a population of almost half a million people. Its location is ideal near the Ohio and Michigan borders and less than a three hours drive from major metropolitan areas such as Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago and Columbus.
The city is host to several festival and events. Cultural activities include Art Centers, museums, a Philharmonic Orchestra and many historical landmarks. The Botanical Conservatory and the Zoo are large regional attractions drawing visitors from many areas.
The must-see gallery is Castle Gallery and its historical location. NOAPS is honored and greatly appreciates the opportunity to hold The “Best of America” Exhibit 2017 at the Castle Gallery Fine Art.
The ‘Best of America’ will take place in September 2017

Signature and Master Artists Exhibit 2016
Eisele Gallery of Fine Art
Located in Colonial Center Building, The Eisele Gallery is one of Cincinnati's oldest and most respected fine art galleries specializing in original paintings by noted 18th, 19th and 20th century American and European artists as well as renowned local, regional and national living artists.
The gallery staff works closely with private individuals, corporations and institutions to locate, acquire and place single paintings or entire collections.
5729 Dragon Way Cincinnati, OH
Phone: (513) 791-7717
Website: http://www.eiselefineart.com
Link to Map it:
Google directions
NOAPS Signature and Master Members Exhibit will open on Friday, November 18, 2016 at The Eisele Gallery of Fine Art
See the Prospectus here
Settled in 1788, Cincinnati has much to offer today. It is the third largest city in Ohio and among the largest metropolitan areas in the USA. A unique location in the confluence of the Licking and the Ohio River helps to bring great panoramic views of this bustling city that is home to professional sports, major corporate headquarters, multiple universities and an artistic atmosphere that features galleries and museums.
While attending the exhibit taste German cuisine, the Cincinnati "Chili", go shopping, or admire the historic architecture which led the city to be known as the "Paris of America".
This exhibit will show the "Best of the Best" from NOAPS Members. Artists achieving the Signature Status in the Best of America Exhibit 2016 will be able to participate in this event.
NOAPS is honored and greatly appreciates the opportunity to hold The Signature and Master Artists Exhibit 2016 at the Eisele Gallery of Fine Art.
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NOAPS - National Oil and Acrylic Painters' Society
An Alliance of Exceptional Artists Showcasing Outstanding Works of Art in Oil and Acrylic Media
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