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National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society  (NOAPS)

 ~ Bylaws ~
Article   I:
Name:  The name of the organization shall be National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society (hereafter NOAPS).

Purpose:  NOAPS is organized for the purpose of governing, administrating, and maintaining, through its Board of Directors, such activities as will provide an International forum and standard of excellence in which artists can fully express their original two dimensional hand paintings completed totally in OIL and ACRYLICS. Mixed Media is not accepted.

Mission Statement:    NOAPS mission is to provide a society for artists in oil and acrylic media to interchange ideas, support and educate members and provide quality venues for the exhibition of their original fine art.

Core Values:    1. Treat members, patrons and sponsors with respect and dignity.
                           2. Maintain a high standard of excellence.
                           3. Encourage the development of new and emerging artists.


NOAPS may have such offices, within or without the State of Missouri, as the business of the Society may require from time to time. The registered office of the Society required by the General Not for Profit Corporations Law of Missouri 501(C) (3) is to be maintained in the State of Missouri may be, but need not be, identical with the principal office in the State of Missouri, and the address of the registered office may be changed from time to time by the Board of Directors.


Membership:  Membership of the Society shall consist of Members, Signature Members, Signature Master Members, and Honorary Lifetime Members.

Artist Membership:  Artist membership is available to all OIL and ACRYLIC painters worldwide over the age of 18 by payment of an annual membership fee. The annual membership fee is determined by the Board of Directors and maybe adjusted from time to time. Payment is in US Dollars.

Signature Artist Membership:  Signature artist membership is obtained by members demonstrating consistent excellence. This status is awarded to active members whose dues are current and who have been accepted for and displayed work in the Annual NOAPS Best of America Exhibition three times within a five year consecutive period. This entitles the awarded artist to use the initials “NOAPS” after their signed paintings and in their correspondence. This honor is awarded for life, unless forfeited by nonpayment of annual dues or resignation.

Master Artist Membership:   Master Artist Membership is awarded to active members, whose dues are current. Master Qualification begins AFTER Signature status is attained and it is achieved when a Signature Artist receives three (3) TOP TEN Master Qualifier Awards in a five (5) year period in the Best of America Exhibit. These TOP Ten Qualifier Awards will be clearly identified as Masters Qualifiers Awards before the start of the Best of America Exhibit. The artist is then eligible to apply for the Master Artist Guild. The Masters designation is received upon approval of a Masters jury submission committee. This honor is awarded for life, unless forfeited by nonpayment of annual dues or resignation.

Honorary Lifetime Membership:   Honorary Lifetime Membership may be awarded to an outstanding member or patron deemed worthy by the Board. These individuals are exempt from annual dues. This honor is awarded for life.

NOAPS Signature Artist Guild:  This Guild includes all Signature and Master Artist members of NOAPS who maintain their membership through annual dues. They are eligible for participation in various exclusive activities, such as the NOAPS Signature Artist Guild Exhibition.
The Board of Directors (the Board) shall be the governing body of NOAPS. It shall manage and govern the affairs of NOAPS. The President shall be the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive officer of NOAPS.
The BOARD shall be organized to best serve the members of NOAPS. Its organization can be changed from year to year by a vote of the Board. All artist members of NOAPS are eligible to participate on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will elect new members of the Board at their meetings.

The Officers of NOAPS shall be members of the Board of Directors, and shall be elected by the Board. The officers include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and Executive Vice President who will typically be a past president of the organization. Board Officers may also serve as chairmen of various committees. Committees and committee chair requirements will be determined by President and the Board to best service the members of NOAPS.

President:   The President is the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of NOAPS. As such, the President oversees all activities of NOAPS. The duties of President include review and approval of reports from all committee chairmen, preparation of Board meeting agendas, and presiding over the Annual Board meeting and any other Board meetings. The President works with the Treasurer and other Board members to prepare the annual schedule, annual budget and financial report, which are presented to the Board at the Annual Meeting for approval. After the Board meeting, the President prepares an annual report to the members of NOAPS.

Vice President:   The Vice President is the primary assistant to the President. The Vice President may temporarily assume the duties of the President on request from the President. The Vice President also assumes the duty of President if the President is unable to perform his duties due to incapacity.

Secretary:  The Secretary’s duties include notification of Board meetings, preparation, circulation, and storage of Board meeting records, and general correspondence as requested by the President.

Treasurer:  The Treasurer’s duties include assisting the President with preparation of the annual budget, including previous and projected income and expenditures. The Treasurer shall assist the President prepare quarterly financial reports to the Board. The Treasurer will have charge of the NOAPS’ funds, which will be maintained in an insured bank in the United States. The Treasurer will maintain on-line access to NOAPS bank accounts, and will share electronic access to these accounts with the President and Vice President. The Treasurer will maintain all financial records of NOAPS. The Treasurer shall make the necessary disbursements for the business of the NOAPS.

Executive Vice President:   The Executive Vice President will typically be a past president who will serve to provide continuity to the activities of the board. This position will also chair committees as decided by the board, as well as advise decisions made by the executive committee.

Term of Office:   The term of each officer shall be one calendar year to commence on January 1 and expire on December 31. At the discretion of the Board and the agreement of the Officer, repeat terms are allowed. If an officer is unable or unwilling to complete his term of office, another board member will be selected by vote of the Board to complete the time remaining until the next Annual Board Meeting. That Board member, or another, will then be elected for a full one year term at the next Annual Board Meeting.

Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors:   An annual meeting by the Board shall be held each year. Officers and Directors will be elected at the meeting. The meeting shall be scheduled and the place and time designated by the President, but typically will be held in association with the annual Best of America Exhibition. The annual meeting will be a physical gathering of the Board members, unless extreme circumstances prevent such gathering, in which case the meeting will be conducted by phone conferencing, or by email. Nominations for replacement of NOAPS officers whose terms of service are expiring shall be provided to the Board as soon as possible prior to the annual meeting. Voting shall be by secret ballot provided by the Secretary and counted by the President.

Other Board Meetings:  These will be scheduled by the President. They may be held in a physical location or electronically, as deemed feasible.

Quorum of the Board:   The quorum of the Board required to transact business shall be a simple majority. All members of the Board have equal voting rights, although the President’s vote will be reserved for resolving voting ties.

The President, with approval of the Board, shall form committees and appoint chairpersons as deemed necessary to conduct the business of the organization. Chairpersons will be selected from the members of the Board. All artist members of NOAPS are eligible to serve on the Society’s committees.
NOAPS will provide at least one annual juried national exhibition of the members’ paintings. All members of NOAPS are eligible to apply for inclusion in this exhibition. This event is the primary responsibility of the Board of Directors. This exhibition will continue to be titled the “The Annual Best of America Exhibition.” Other exhibitions and shows will be scheduled as practical, based on available funds, member demographics, and host venue availability.

No member of NOAPS shall be liable except for unpaid dues for the current year. No personal liability shall in any event attach to any member of NOAPS in connection with any of its activity or undertakings.
This document has been approved by the Board of Directors on September 3rd, 2016.

It may be amended in the future by the vote of the Board.

In addition, various Policies and Procedures may be created and/or modified in the future by the Board of Directors.



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