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~    N O A P S   Q U E S T I O N S   &   A N S W E R S    ~

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Q1. When was the National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS) founded?  
A1. On March 14, 1991 a small but determined group of individuals founded the National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society (NOAPS).  The primary purpose for this not-for-profit organization was an annual national juried art exhibition and competition that came to be known as NOAPS annual ‘BEST of AMERICA’ exhibit

Q2.Who is eligible to request NOAPS membership?
A2. - All oil & acrylic artists worldwide, of at least 18 years of age.
       - All Patrons, sponsors, collectors and supporters of the Arts

Q3. How does an oil or acrylic artist request membership?
A3. Complete instructions and procedures are available on the NOAPS Website    www.noaps.org   ‘Members Services’

Q4. What are the annual dues?
A4. $50.00US

Q5. What is the annual membership year?
A5. NOAPS Membership is valid from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. 
       Membership fees received after January 1st will be valid for the new (actual) Calendar Year

A6. - An entry fee of only  $10 per painting in the NOAPS ‘Best of America’ Competition (maximum of five paintings allowed)
       - Annual ‘Best of America’ Catalog
       - Admission to all exclusive NOAPS opening ceremonies
       - Eligibility for NOAPS committee appointments
       - Eligibility to serve on the NOAPS Board of Directors
       - Eligibility to qualify as a member of the NOAPS Signature Artist Guild
       - Name and link to your website on the NOAPS website: www.noaps.org
       - Participation in the blog and promotions through social media
       - Reduced group advertising rates with major art magazines
       - Special workshop grant for Signature Artists
       - Listing of shows/exhibits on our website calendar for a $15.00 fee

Q7.  What exhibits are offered for members to enter?
A7. - Our Annual Best of America juried art competition                                                                                        
       - Our Spring and Fall International ON-LINE juried art exhibits 
       - NOAPS Signature Artist Guild Invitational Exhibits  

Q8.   Are there geographical restrictions for entering the NOAPS Best of America annual Exhibit?
A8.   No, however, if art is selected for the Exhibit, the artist must provide a US address for return shipping with some exceptions: For our Canadian and Mexican members, art should be shipped ‘Free Domicile’. All art must be shipped with prepaid return vouchers (FEDEX or UPS). Hand deliveries are accepted. A handling fee is charged for each painting exhibited.

Q9. How do members enter NOAPS competitions?
A9. With the exception of the NOAPS Signature Artist Invitationals, all entries are made by using Juried Art Services, www.juriedartservices.com, this is a free service and has proven to be an excellent method for NOAPS and our members.

Q10. How is art selected for exhibits?
A10. NOAPS uses jurors and a judge system to select work for each exhibit through Juried Art Services (JAS). Our jurors (at least 5) are provided high resolution images from the JAS website to assign a score to each image entered. Our jurors DO NOT see information about the artist.   Exhibits are selected based on top scores and subject, i.e. our exhibits must provide a variety of subject matter. Awards are selected by a judge, a professional in the art community. Our judges are never repeated from year to year. The judge also selects the awards in the ‘Blind’

Q11. Does NOAPS offer exhibits/events without becoming a member?
A11. YES, our NOAPS International Spring and Fall ON-LINE exhibits do not require an annual membership.

Q12. Does NOAPS have classes of membership?
A12. NOAPS Artist Member, NOAPS Signature Artist Member, and NOAPS Master Artist Member. All artists with a NOAPS paid membership are eligible to participate in member benefits.

Q13. What, if any, recognition is provided to members who demonstrate consistent excellence?
A13. NOAPS honors our elite artists that demonstrate consistent excellence with membership into the NOAPS Signature Artist Guild.  The honor of NOAPS SIGNATURE ARTIST is achieved by exhibiting work in the annual NOAPS ‘Best of America’ Exhibit 3 times in a 5 year consecutive period. Artists receiving awards in our annual ‘Best of America’ three consecutive years receive the honor and designation of “NOAPS MASTER ARTIST’.  Members of the Signature Artist Guild are also invited to participate in NOAPS Signature Artist Invitational Exhibits, and they qualify to apply for the Workshop Grant Program.
Q14. Are email addresses and phone numbers provided for questions and comments for members?
A14. YES, For questions and comments please mail our Executive Office, executivenoaps.org@gmail.com and/or Telephone: 479-899-4961
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